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All race clocks feature several modes of operation to allow precise timing of virtually any timed event or counting up or down of repetitive events. A simplistic list follows:

  1. Timing at 1 second or 1/100 second resolution
  2. Three modes for timing intervals or splits (cum, taylor or frame)
  3. Time of day
  4. Pace (time per mile or kilometer) for running events
  5. Counting (i.e., Number of race finishers – 10,000 Max)
  6. Projected finish times of races
  7. Display and re-display of split times

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Innovative Timing Systems Clocks

ITS – Innovative Timing Systems Jaguar Clocks
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Electro-Numerics Race Clocks

EN – Electro-Numerics Race Clocks
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Rental Agreement

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Equipment must be returned by Tuesday following weekend events. Fees based on a per event basis, 3 day minimum. No charge while in transit. Longer rental periods can be negotiated upon ordering.

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